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Play as a hungry tabby cat fighting over food with three other kitties throughout the different seasons. 

The game is controller compatible and offers multiplayer, however to play multiplayer you have to use controllers.

First Player's controls are just "WASD" or the arrow keys. You may use controller as well.

There are four different levels: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Spring Season is the easiest level. Enjoy relaxing music, watch the cherry blossom petals fall, and eat some food.

Summer Season is next in difficulty. Trees are there to hide food and may get in your way, but they're off to the side.

Fall Season starts to introduce moving objects making it a bit difficult. The tree's all spin at the center pretty fast, you may get caught in it.

Winter Season is the hardest but most fun. Three snowmen randomly move around and may block your path. Not to mention the cats slip everywhere on the ice causing them to glide pretty fast.


OhNo.zip 31 MB

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